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Understanding Foscam Better With Foscam Support And Setup Guide

We at Foscam have always been an Avant-garde in the domain of security cameras. We have been strengthening the customer support for our clients. With COVID-19 hitting every sector of society, we don’t want our customers to bore the brunt. Therefore, we are providing step-by-step tutorials with proper images to help our customers install the devices with minimal help from our experts. With our assistance, you would find the installation of devices easy and plain sailing. We extend our support to our users from installing the device to repairing some petty issues you might face while using a Foscam camera or any other Foscam device.

Welcome to Foscam Support and Setup Guide

Foscam Support Services

Foscam Cloud Service

Foscam Cloud Service

Foscam cloud service is popular amongst its users; the service caters many benefits to its users. These benefits include any time playback support, uploading of alarm videos on the cloud platform, instant access of information, unlimited cloud storage, and encrypted data for user security. These services help our customers to view the recording anytime on their device. The customers have an assurance of security and unlimited space to upload media, including triggered events. Our cloud storage is the safest form of storage that you could avail as no one apart from you could access the details present in the Foscam Cloud.

Foscam Application Download

Foscam Application Download

Download our application from Google Play Store for Android devices and iStore for iOS devices. Moreover, the application is free to download. The application helps you to unlock the full potentials of our devices. The application is also furnished with well-explained guides which would help you install your Foscam camera on the desired location. You could view live recordings from your Foscam camera. Besides this, you can upload media recording of any event on Foscam Cloud with the help of the application. With the application and user credentials, you could access the media in your Foscam device without much effort.

Foscam Helpdesk

Foscam Helpdesk

A helpdesk serves as the first point of contact between the user and the service provider. This helpdesk is created for the sole purpose of helping our customers. We are a “user-centric firm” and we would always want to help our users to get maximum benefits from our services. Any basic issue or any query you have regarding your Foscam device would be solved at the helpdesk. We are open 24/7 to help our customers with their problems and achieve a better user experience. So, call us or write to us and give us a chance to help you out.

How To Setup Professional Foscam FI9928P Wi-Fi Camera

One of the most popular cameras from the firm, our Foscam FI9928P is furnished with Sony’s Starvis sensor which has surged the image quality and the light range of the device. The camera gets high-end images even in low light conditions. However, setting up the camera requires some skill and expertise. Our experts from Foscam would guide you in this. You would also get troubleshooting support for a plethora of issues in the device. But before you contact our experts, be sure that you have the Foscam application on your device, plug-in power to your camera to help it do the self-test, and ensure that your camera is on factory settings. Connect your smartphone to the same wireless network to which you are going to connect your camera. If these steps are completed, contact our experts for Foscam Camera Support and they would guide you through the process.

Quick Foscam Support

We at Foscam are always looking to improve the user experience for our customers. This is why we are always toiling to provide top-notch services to our customers. With our support services, you will experience the security service, which is sophisticated yet elegant.

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Foscam warranty

All Foscam devices are backed up by a 12 months warranty. If any unforeseen problem occurs in your Foscam cameras or other devices, then we will repair or replace the product depending upon its condition. We at Foscam prioritize customer satisfaction over everything.

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Use of our cameras

Our cameras could be used for various purposes. Be it your home, your business, or having surveillance on your babysitter. However, these devices could be a bit complex to use, but don’t worry, our support team would help you get a better understanding of your product and help you use it.

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Foscam Application Download

Foscam Application is a pioneer in the industry of security cameras. The application has a plethora of features that would not only help the user to install the camera, but it would also give you detailed information about your device’s features which you could use for your benefit.

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Foscam support

You will have the help of our customer support representatives if any issues or any queries related to the product are hindering your experience with our products. You could always reach out to us on the contact info.

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Foscam Setup Wizard

The Foscam setup wizard comes into the picture. The software helps you to set up the devices with accuracy, making you independent in the process. Install the software on your device to get a better experience with our security services.

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