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6 Steps To Reset Your Foscam IP Camera

Reset Your Foscam IP Camera – Foscam Troubleshooting Guide

At least once in a while when you use Foscam IP Camera, you will want to reset your Foscam IP camera. Maybe because you wish to erase the information stored in the camera or you have simply forgotten the password.

If you are planning to reset your camera because of some error that you are finding unresolvable, try Foscam troubleshooting to automatically search for any problems. This can prevent you from losing all the recorded data stored in the camera. If troubleshooting doesn’t help feel free to seek support from the Foscam support team. Though if you still wish to reset Foscam camera, you can follow the steps further mentioned in this article.

Firstly, press the reset button on your Foscam for 30 seconds. This will restore the factory settings and reboot the camera. Once you have successfully reset the camera you will be asked to enter a default username and password. The username will be admin and initially, no password will be set on the device.

After the first login, you are required to create a username and set a password.

How to reset Foscam?

The location of the Foscam reset camera button and the duration for which it is to be help restore factory settings differs from model to model.

  1. Outdoor PT Camera: They have a reset button either on the bottom or the side of the camera body in a little hole.

Reset Your Foscam IP Camera - Outdoor PT Camera

  1. Indoor Cube Camera: The reset button is on the back portion of the camera.

Reset Indoor Cube Camera

  1. Indoor Dome Camera: The reset button of these most commonly seen cameras is at the tail cable coming from the end of the camera.

Reset Indoor Dome Camera

  1. Outdoor bullet style camera: These cameras can be seen mostly in offices and other organizations. The reset button is located on the tail cable similar to the indoor dome camera. Press the reset button

Reset Outdoor Bullet Style Camera

  1. Outdoor PT Camera: It also has the reset button on the tail cable coming from the rear end. Press the button for 10 seconds and you will be restored to factory settings.


  1. Fosbaby camera series: This camera series focuses on being wireless. So you can easily find the reset button on the body of the camera.

Reset Fosbaby Camera Series

                If you realize that your Foscam camera button is not working or it has somehow been damaged, contact customer support for further guidance. You can also take the camera to your nearest service center. Though this event is unlikely to occur.

Unlinking the Foscam camera from the cloud

If you are giving away the device or wish to switch your account after resetting then you will have to put in a little effort.

  • Open your web browser and go to MyFoscam
  • To login, enter your email ID and password
  • Now you can get an overview of all the cameras linked to your account. Search for your camera in the list.
  • Below the camera, you will come across two options—a trash can and a gear. The gear will help you to change the settings of your camera and with the trash can, you can de-link the camera from that particular account.
  • Confirm your choice on the pop-up screen.
  • Now you have successfully removed the camera from your account.

These steps can be used in both cases—if you wish to link another account to your Foscam camera or you are setting an account for your camera for the first time.

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