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Know Everything About Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera Before Making a Purchase!!

FOSCAM is a global IP video surveillance company that caters to the home and SME market. It has over 20 existing camera models for both indoors and outdoors. They have set the most reasonable prices for their products and provide efficient customer support services. The Foscam CCTV wireless camera setup is user-friendly and secure.

Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera

Why Foscam?

With the market flooded with numerous security cameras, Foscam stands out because of its excellent services and unique features. Some of them are:

  • Sleek design: The Foscam cameras have a glossy design and can easily fit any remote corner of your house. The mobile design doesn’t compromise on the video and gives you a full 180˚view.
  • Easy setup: The camera has many smart features that will connect it to the Wi-Fi and devices in just one go. However, if you get stuck somewhere, contact the Foscam tech support number.
  • Record modes: Foscam gives you 2 recording modes. That will track the area when in motion or continuously. All the recordings will be made at a resolution of 720P and come with smart technology.
  • Remote access: All the camera feed can be remotely monitored with a connected mobile or computer. The recordings can also be saved for you to monitor at a later stage.
  • Advanced PIR: Passive Infrared motion detection ensures high-quality images with reliable accuracy.
  • Two-way audio: Foscam comes with a high-quality microphone. It also has a speaker that reduces background noises. So, you can expect an improved audio output than any regular security camera.
  • Additional storage: Foscam supports SD cards up to 32GB for storing local video recordings.
  • Warranty: Foscam comes with a 1-year warranty.


FOSCAM IP Camera Setup:

FOSCAM Camera Setup is an easy process. It can be performed through the app on your phone or through the browser. To ensure successful installation of the FOSCAM IP camera following steps must be taken:


STEP 1- Connecting the Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera:

To connect the wireless camera with the router, take the following measures:

  • Connect the Wi-Fi antenna to the back of the camera
  • Use the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) to connect the camera to the router.
  • Push the WPS button present at the back of the camera for 2 seconds. The green LED light will start flashing rapidly. It means that the camera is searching for the WPS signals from your router.
  • Switch on the WPS button of the compatible router the same way
  • Once both the WPS buttons are on, the LED light in the camera will start to blink slowly. It indicates that the camera is now wirelessly connected to the Wi-Fi.


STEP 2- Accessing the FOSCAM IP Camera:


Now that we have connected the camera to the router, we now need to access it. This can be done using a computer or a mobile phone. Follow these steps:


Register Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera through phone:


  • Download the “FOSCAM Viewer” app on your phone and open it. This app is available for free on all devices.
  • Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera
  • Open the FOSCAM viewer app and create your account.
  • Go to the IPC menu and select the QR code scan icon to scan the QR on the camera.
  • The QR code is on the bottom of the camera. Scan the code with the FOSCAM app
  • Now enter the device information.
  • Choose a name for your device.
  • You can skip the UID field.
  • Enter the username for your device
  • You can opt to secure the camera using a password. It is suggested to set up a password for security purposes. Though you also get an option to move forward with a password.
  • Click on “OK”
  • And now your camera can be accessed through your phone.


Register through desktop/laptop:

  • In an internet browser, open
  • Register the details on the site to create an account
  • Proceed to follow the 3-steps shown on-site to complete the registration


STEP 3- Activating the Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera:


Now that we have our device connected and registered, it is time to move on to the final step of the camera setup process:

  • Click on the camera in the device list to activate the camera. You can now see the live video on the screen.
  • If you go to the IPC device list green LED icon will appear on the device list. It will indicate that the camera is connected.
  • To pan and tilt the camera, you can swipe your fingers across the screen.

The installation is complete, and the camera is all set to use. You can now adjust the settings according to your needs.


Resetting the Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera:

To perform the reset on your Foscam you must first locate the reset button. Every model has a reset button, but they might not be located at the same place on all cameras. Locate the reset button as per the model of your camera.


Locating the Foscam Reset Button:

  • If you are performing the reset on an indoor PT camera, the button is inside a hole at the bottom or on the side of the camera. Use a sharp object like a pin to press the button.
  • On the outdoor cube camera, you can locate the reset button at the back of the camera body.
  • On an indoor dome camera, the button is on the cable connected to the camera.
  • On Outdoor Bullet-style cameras, the button is at the tail cable of the camera.
  • On the outdoor PT camera, the button is at the tail cable of the camera.
  • In the fosbaby series of the camera, the reset Foscam button is on the body of the camera.


When to perform a Foscam Reset?

According to our suggestion, it is best to perform a foscam reset is when you find yourself in the following situations:

  • When you have forgotten the password
  • When your camera is not connecting to your device
  • When your camera footage is frozen
  • When your camera is lagging
  • When your camera has been infected with malware
  • When your camera is not connecting to a new router


Performing Foscam Camera Reset:

Once you have located the position of the reset button on your camera the remaining steps are the same for all the models. Follow along:

  • Hold the reset button and release it after 30 seconds. In some models, it only takes up to 15 seconds
  • Upon pressing the button, the camera will perform the reboot
  • Once the reset is finished, a voice will announce “reset successfully”
  • Your camera reset is now complete, and once you open it, it will be restored to factory settings
  • You can now start setting up the camera and complete the installation process


Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera Support:

Foscam believes in innovation and expertise. To boost that belief, we will provide you not only a good product but also good services.

We understand that operating a security camera might not be the easiest thing to do and one might run into some trouble while using the camera especially if you are new. Therefore, our team of professionals and trained personnel will help you to solve any issues that you might be facing with your Foscam security camera.

You can get assistance in Foscam troubleshooting for almost every issue. If the problem seems to be out of your control, then our professionals can guide you online, or else you can also schedule a visit from our technician who will fix the camera for you.


Visit the Foscam CCTV Wireless Camera website: 

To use our products to their full potential, you can visit the Foscam website The website has a support page where users can come across FAQs, and other resources. These sources might help you solve a problem once in a while, or they might also help you discover a new feature. On the support page, you will also find the Foscam camera setup guideThe guide will walk you over some basic Foscam features, functions, and some troubleshooting methods.


Foscam helpline number:

To reach the Foscam support team, you can contact us on Foscam support number +1 530 455-9293 with your problem.


Foscam support e-mail: 

You can also connect with us on our email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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