Foscam Camera Setup

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How To Complete Foscam Camera Setup

Every Foscam camera comes with a box containing different items along with an instructions manual, which can help you to understand the basics of Foscam camera setup. Foscam camera manual helps to learn and know how to setup Foscam camera system either at home or office, indoor and outdoor. It is highly recommended for first-time setup to properly read and understand Foscam camera setup instructions in the manual. One can properly Setup Foscam Camera at home/office, by following the DIY instructions as this is the best way for the first-time user.

At “Foscam Support” our main motto is to help our customers by giving the right suggestions and ideas forFoscam camera setup”. Which will help in taking the headache out of the security camera setup procedures.

The Foscam is designed to work on the right side of the box – attach the Foscam 1080p wifi camera setup to your wireless system, set up port-forwarding, and away. Once correctly configured, the Camera works independently without the need for any computer.

There are several techniques to set up a focus camera. Different cameras have different Foscam best CCTV setup for home methods.

But here we are referring step by step tutorial of manual setup with good pictures to help our customers to install the equipment with the minimum help of our experts. If you are in search of Foscam mounting instructions, then you need to click here.

Foscam Manual Setup – Apply for all foscam camera devices.

Your Foscam Camera Setup is just one Phone call away:

To avoid any kind of technical glitch while setting up your Foscam Camera, it is recommended to contact the Foscam Support team via a phone call or live chat.

Foscam App Download - Customer Support NumberSteps for Foscam Camera Setup – Step 2 Configure Foscam Camera

1. Add Foscam Camera

Firstly, Add Camera to the Foscam cloud service by entering your camera details and credentials. You’ll be asked either RTSP or HTTP Port. (Depend on your Camera model.)

After adding the camera wizard, you will get FTP credentials that you will use later.

foscam camera setup for home

Note: In case of forgetting the credentials, there is no need to worry. You can get it back from your camera menu timeline.

foscam ftp recording setup

2. Login to Foscam Camera

For foscam browser support open your browser and add a Camera IP address into the address bar. Now login using the Camera’s credentials.

Tip: Download the Foscam IP utility to find the IP the Camera is currently using.

foscam troubleshooting

Note: If you are having trouble while logging into the Camera, try using another web browser like Internet Explorer.

3. Update FTP Setting
foscam camera support

If you are using Foscam H.264 Cameras, then Click on “FTP Setting“, under network.

After setting up the Camera, change the FTP server, username, and password from the information you received.

Note: In the case of the new Foscam H.264 cameras, they have a strange syntax where you need to add prefixes such as: “ftp://.” FTP mode must be “PASV.”

After setting up the Camera, change the FTP server, username, and password from the information you received.

4. Start Recording

After all, setup, make sure “Recording” is checked.

 Note: There is a different user interface for other camera models. Example as follows:

foscam camera for outdoor

how to reset foscam camera

5. Setting Storage Location

In the last one, you have to set your storage location for recording. Under “Record” choose “Storage Location” and choose “FTP” as the recording location. For more such information on Foscam camera setup for home contact us right now!!

How To Do Foscam Camera Setup

Steps to connect a Foscam HD Camera to a wireless router:

Obtain The IP Address Of The Camera:

Obtain the IP address for the camera by using IP Search Tool.

Enter the port number and IP address of the camera into the address bar of the web browser.

Login to your camera.

Configure The Wireless Network Settings:

  1. After login navigate to the Settings Tab -> Network → WirelessSettings
  2. Search the area for WiFi network signals by clicking the “Scan” button.
  3. Select the correct SSID of the network.
  4. In the “Password” section input the WIFI password and click on the “Save” button.
  5. The camera is now going to reboot

Camera Connection To The WiFi Network:

Approximately in 45 seconds, the camera will reboot.

Now unplug the ethernet cable.

If the camera disappears on the launch of the equipment search tool, that is normal.

  Once the ethernet cable is unplugged from the camera the wireless networking module of the camera will take over and attempt to login to the wireless router. 

On the launch of the IP search tool and when the computer is connected to the same network/router it will reappear on the screen with the new IP address it was assigned.

The camera should now be accessible via the new IP address across the wireless network.