Foscam Camera

The Foscam is designed to work on the right side of the box – attach the camera to your wireless system, set up port-forwarding, and away. Once correctly configured, the camera works independently without the need for any computer.
There are several techniques to set up a focus camera. Different cameras have different setup methods.
But here we are referring step by step tutorial of manual setup with proper pictures to help our customers to install the equipment with the minimum help of our experts.

Foscam Manual Setup – Apply for all Foscam Cameras

1. Add Camera.

First, set up your camera to the cloud service by entering your camera details and credentials. You’ll be asked either RTSP or HTTP Port. (Depend on your Camera model.)

After adding the camera wizard, you will get FTP credentials that you will use later.
Note: In case of forgetting the credentials, there is no need to worry. You can get it back from your camera menu timeline.

2. Login to Camera
Open your browser and add a Camera IP address into the address bar. Now login using the camera’s credentials.
Tip: Download the Foscam IP utility to find the IP the camera is currently using.

Note: If you are having trouble while logging into the camera, try using another web browser like Internet Explorer.

3. Update FTP Setting


If you are using Foscam H.264 Cameras, then Click on FTP Setting, under network.
After setting up the camera, change the FTP server, username, and password from the information you received.
Note: In the case of the new Foscam H.264 cameras, they have a strange syntax where you need to add prefixes such as: “ftp://.” FTP mode must be “PASV.”

4. Start Recording

After all, setup, make sure “Recording” is checked.
Note: There is a different user interface for different camera models. Example as follows:


5. Setting Storage Location

In the last one, you have to set your storage location for recording. Under “Record,” choose “Storage Location” and choose FTP as the recording location.