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FOSACAM IP Camera Setup

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FOSCAM is a global IP video surveillance company which provides IP video camera and solutions. They specialize in network security products. FOSCAM caters to the home and SME market. They have over 20 existing models including both indoor and outdoor cameras. They have the most reasonable wholesale prices for their products and efficient customer support services. The “Foscam camera setup” is user-friendly and secure therefore can be used at any place by anyone. The setup can be done through the Foscam app on your phone or through the browser. It makes monitoring your surroundings very easy.
In this article you will learn Foscam IP camera setup, to help you start using the device.

Things you will need for a FOSCAM IP camera setup:
• FOSCAM IP camera
• Cell phone/laptop
• Router
• Network cable
• Power cable

FOSCAM IP Camera Setup:

FOSCAM camera setup is an easy process, to ensure successful installation of the FOSCAM IP camera following steps must be taken:

STEP 1- Connecting the Foscam camera (wired)
The camera must have a stable Wi-Fi connection to work smoothly at all times. Therefore, the first step in installing the camera would be to connect the camera with the Wi-Fi with the help of the steps mentioned below:
• Take a power cable and insert it into a socket.
• Connect the other end of the cable to the camera.
• Now take a network cable and insert it into the camera and the other end to the router.

Connecting the Foscam camera (wireless)
To connect the wireless camera with the router, take the following measures:
• Connect the Wi-Fi antenna to the back of the camera
• Use the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) to connect the camera to the router
• Push the WPS button down which is present at the back of the camera for 2 seconds. The green LED light will start flashing rapidly which means that the camera is searching for the routers WPS signal
• Switch on the WPS button of the compatible router the same way
• Once both the WPS buttons are switched on the LED light in the camera will start to blink slowly. This indicates that the camera is now wirelessly connected to the Wi-Fi.

STEP 2- Accessing the FOSCAM IP camera-

Now that we have connected the camera to the router, we now need to access it. This can be done through your mobile phone. Follow these steps:

Register through phone:

Download the “FOSCAM Viewer” app on your phone and open it. This app is available for free on all devices.
Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera
Open the FOSCAM viewer app and create your account
Go to the IPC menu and select the QR code scan icon to scan the QR on the camera
• The QR code is located at the bottom of the camera. Scan the code with the FOSCAM app
• Now enter the device information
• Enter the device name to whatever you want
Skip the UID field
Enter the username for your device
• Enter the password or you can leave it blank
• Click on “OK”. And now your camera can be accessed through your phone.

Register through desktop/laptop:
• In an internet browser open
• Register the details on the site to create an account
• Proceed to follow the 3 steps shown on-site to complete the registration

STEP 3- Activating the camera

Now that we have our device connected and registered it is time to move on to the final step of the camera setup process:
• Click on the camera in the device list to activate the camera. You can now see the live video on the screen.
• If you go to the IPC device list green LED icon will appear on the device list indicating that the camera is connected.
• To pan and tilt the camera, you can swipe your fingers across the screen.
The installation is complete and the camera is all set to use. You can now adjust the settings according to your needs.

What to do in case the camera stops working?
Resetting the Foscam camera:
Do not worry if you forget your password or reset Foscam camera and begin again or in case the device faces some problems or stops working. You can at any time reset the Foscam camera. Simply follow these instructions:
Locate the reset button given at the back of the Foscam camera
• All you need to do is press the reset button for 30 seconds
• The camera will reboot and restore the factory settings
• When the camera announces “reset successfully”, release the restore button
• After the reset, your username will be displayed as “admin” and the password field will be empty. Without making any changes log in to your device.
• After the first login, your device will prompt you to enter a new username and password. You can use any username and choose to add a password or leave it blank.
You have now successfully reset your FOSCAM camera. It is ready to be used again.

Technical Note- in the situation of the Foscam reset button not working, try turning the unit of the device “off” for 2 minutes and then switch it back “on”. After the device is on the reset button should start working again. Now proceed to follow the above-mentioned steps to reset the Foscam camera and you are all set. In case the problem persists or you need any further guidance e-mail

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