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Foscam IP Camera Wi-Fi Not Working – 9 Tips to Quick Fix

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The Foscam IP Camera not connecting to WI-FI is a common issue that arises while installation of security cameras. Not being connected to a wireless internet connection means your security will be compromised if the network goes offline. Because without the internet connection, the security cameras cannot send the video feed to NVR.

Always remember that the Foscam has a troubleshoot option, to automatically detect any issue and resolve it. Before resorting to any step trying Foscam Troubleshooting can actually save your time.

Why Foscam IP Camera Cannot Connect To The WI-FI?

Foscam IP Camera Wi-Fi Not Working

There can be many reasons due to which the Foscam IP camera is unable to get connected to the WI-FI. Some of them are:

  • Wi-Fi coverage is not strong enough. This may be because the router is placed far away from the camera, hence it cannot receive the signals properly.
  • The camera is not charged. Wireless cameras require more power than regular security cameras, so ensure that your camera is charged fully for being connected to a wireless internet network.
  • Loose antennas on the wireless camera can also hinder connectivity. Make sure the antennas are tightened and pointed towards the router.
  • Entering incorrect password on the wireless Foscam IP Camera
  • The setting of an incorrect IP address on the Foscam security camera
  • You have an old router that doesn’t support the wireless camera channels
  • The firmware of the camera needs to be updated
  • The internet connectivity is unstable
  • There are interferences that are causing the WI-FI signal to drop.
  • P2P option on the wireless camera is disabled
  • The router’s firewall is preventing the camera from establishing a connection
  • Any change in the Foscam IP camera configuration

How To Fix a Wireless IP Camera not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

If your IP camera is not getting connected to the internet or simply goes offline, even when connected. Try following the below-mentioned steps to resolve the connectivity issues:

  1. Ensure That The Security Camera is Charged

Check the power supply to make sure that it is working. Do the same for the power outlet, no cables should be loose or damaged.

  1. Correct Password

Sometimes the camera may not be connected to the Wi-Fi simply because the password entered is incorrect. Always remember the passwords are case-sensitive!

  1. Adjust The Antennas of  The IP Camera

The antennas in the camera both transmit and capture signals. Ensure that they are positioned in the right direction and are tightened. The antennas should point towards the router.

When the camera is shipped, the antennas are not connected to the camera to make the packaging compact and safe. So, if you have received a new camera, connect them to your Foscam.

  1. Check The SSID Of The Wireless Router On Your Camera

In simple terms, SSID is the name of your WI-FI network. Once you scan for the internet from your camera, you should be able to see it. However, some Foscam security camera models will require you to manually enter the Wi-Fi’s name and other details. Be careful while manually entering the details, because even a single error will prevent your security camera from connecting to the WI-FI.

Solving Foscam IP Camera Wi-Fi Issues

  1. Strong Wi-Fi Signals

Keeping your router far away from the camera will hinder the signals for the IP Camera. The camera might fail to establish a stable connection, initially, it would connect to the router for some time but would disconnect the other moment. To get precise information about the router and IP Camera distance, go through the manual that mentions the camera range and other connectivity specifications. Also, note that any barriers like a wall between the router and the camera would weaken the signals.

Solving Foscam IP Camera Connection Issues

You can also log in to the Foscam camera app to track the strength of the Wi-Fi network. Another simple thing you can do is, try downloading a Wi-Fi extender app from the internet to increase the reach of your Wi-Fi signals.

  1. Change The Frequency Bands Of The Router To Avoid Interference

If many devices are connected to the router altogether the speed is reduced which leads to a congested and slow network. This problem is more prevalent in routers in the 2.5 GHz frequency band. So, you can change your camera settings to a 5 GHz frequency band and reduce the chances of interferences.

How To Solve Foscam IP Camera Wi-Fi Not Working Issue

Foscam IP Camera not Connecting to Wi-Fi

  1. Check The Rrouter’s Firewall

Sometimes the router’s firewall can restrict the camera from connecting. This is rare but no harm in accessing the router and adjusting the firewall settings. Check if the IP of the camera is excluded, if not change the setting and try reconnecting the camera to the wireless network.

  1. Ensure That The IP Address On The Camera is Correct

It is necessary for the camera to work on the same IP as that of the router to maintain a connection.

  1. Update The Firmware Of The Camera

If your camera keeps connecting and then disconnecting randomly, and you find none of the above methods is able to fix it, then you might need to pay attention to the firmware of your Foscam. Regularly check if the company has released any new firmware update.

The camera is like a micro-sized computer, so it may get some bugs over time and even in some updates. This will cause camera lags and issues related to its connectivity. But an update of the firmware and your camera is good to go! Also, this holds true not only for your camera but also for the router.

If you have trouble with any of the above-mentioned steps or fail to figure out the reason for an unstable Wi-Fi connection, feel free to contact Foscam camera support at You can also contact us via the Foscam support number +1530 455-9293

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