Foscam Camera Reset

Foscam Reset Button Not Working? Know How to Quick Fix

After a long period of usage, customers often encounter that their reset button is not working. This proves to be a serious issue as the reset button is the simple key to many camera-related problems.

When to perform a Foscam reset?

Many times, you would feel that resetting the camera is the easiest and quickest way to resolve any issue. But resetting can come with its cons, rarely. Thus, keep resetting as your last resort to fix an error not the first. It is best to perform a Foscam reset only under the following circumstances: 

  • When you have forgotten the password
  • When your camera has stopped working
  • When you are unable to connect the camera to your device
  • When your camera footage is frozen
  • When your camera is lagging or has glitches
  • When your camera has been infected with malware
  • When your camera is unable to get connected to a new router

 How to Reset Foscam?

The Foscam camera can be reset easily in various ways, differing from camera to camera. Some most common ways to reset the Foscam camera are listed here. Read ahead and follow the instructions best suited for your Foscam camera model.

To perform the reset on your camera you begin with locating the position of the reset button. Every model comes with a reset button but they might not be located at the same place on all cameras. Locate the reset button as per the model of your camera. The position of the reset button in various camera models is given below.

Locating Foscam Reset Button:

  • If you are performing the reset on an indoor PT camera the reset button will be inside a hole at the bottom or on the side of the camera. Use a pin or any sharp object to press the button.
  • On the outdoor cube camera, the reset button is located at the back of the camera body.
  • On an indoor dome camera, the button is on the cable connected to the camera.
  • On Outdoor Bullet style cameras, the button for resetting is at the tail cable
  • On the Outdoor PT camera, the reset button is located at the tail cable of the camera
  • In the fosbaby series of the camera, the reset Foscam button is easily visible on the body of the camera.

The Foscam reset button is usually located at the back of the camera in most models. If your model doesn’t have it on the back of the camera you can find it on the bundle of connectors. There will be a white button on the top of a black connector. Long press the reset button for 10 seconds and then release it. Upon releasing it a voice notification, saying “reset successfully”, will let you know if it is reconnected.

If you don’t hear any voice, continue to press the button for another 5 seconds. Your camera reset will now be complete and your camera is as good as new with all the factory settings restored. You can now start setting up the camera, change the default settings as per your requirements and complete the installation process.

But if your reset Foscam camera button is not working, you will have to perform a power cycle. Power cycling means completely turning off the camera by disconnecting it from the source of the power supply and then reconnecting it. It reinitializes the configuration parameters of the camera and wakes it from its unresponsive state. It is a hard wo that is performed on devices to restore them to their original shape or to perform a reboot on your device.

To power cycle your Foscam camera follow the below-mentioned steps:
  • Remove the camera from the installed area to begin the power cycling process.
  • Locate that cable that connects your camera to the power source and detach it from either end.
  • Removing the camera and do ensure that your device is completely separated from its source of power.
  • Let some time pass by, for your camera to discharged. This is to ensure that the battery of the camera is drained out, which is a crucial step to the process. The camera will run out of battery within 5-10 minutes.
  • After a significant amount of time has passed, connect the cable that connects the camera to the power source back on. Open the switch to let the power supply flow through the camera.
  • After the supply is back on, the camera will reinitialize automatically.
  • Once the camera is reinitialized the process is complete.
  • When the reset is done through the power cycling process the camera will reboot and the factory settings will be restored.
  • You will now have to complete the Foscam setup process from the beginning

NOTE– If you reset the Foscam camera you risk losing all the previous recording storage. The device will be brought back to the default settings, that were set when you had first purchased the camera. Therefore, ensure that resetting is your absolute last resort.  But in severe cases such as when your camera gets corrupt, or you doubt some foreign access in your camera but are unable to track it, we do advise resetting the camera immediately as there’s not much you can do to save it other than performing a Foscam camera reset.

The camera setup might be an easy task but the process of smoothly running the camera is what might require assistance. Also, regular servicing of your camera will keep it up to date and enhance its functioning and longevity. You can contact Foscam camera support for your camera service. If you run into any further problem or require assistance with any camera operation or Foscam troubleshooting, you can still contact them on the Foscam support number or just drop them an email to help you with your issue. They are available to answer any of your queries 24/7.

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