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Foscam Support NumberFoscam Support Phone Number

We at Foscam support services believe in innovation and expertise. We believe in providing not only a good product but also good service. Are you facing issues with your Foscam Security Camera? If yes, then allow us to help you . Call Now!! at Foscam Support Number.

We understand that operating a Foscam security camera might not be the easiest thing to do and you might run into some trouble while using it especially if you are new. Therefore, we at Foscam have built a team of professionals and trained personnel so that we can help you to solve any issues that you might be facing with your Foscam security camera.

We help you assist in “Foscam Troubleshooting”-

  • You can come to us with any Foscam camera-related problems that require our assistance and we will provide you with directions to solve them.
  • If the problem seems to be out of your control, then our professionals can guide you online or else you can also schedule a visit from our technician who will fix the camera for you.

Common Foscam problems we can assist you with-

We can help you with any problem that you might have related to the Foscam camera but some of the most common ones are addressed below, follow and you might not even need the Foscam tech support number:

Foscam camera setup

Follow these steps for Foscam setup of the latest versions of the Foscam camera:

  • Plug the power cable into a socket
  • Plug into the network cable of your router
  • Attach the other end of the network cable to the camera’s network port (if you have a Wi-Fi connection, you do not need to connect to the router. You can directly connect the camera to the Wi-Fi)
  • If you are using your phone then download the Foscam app > create an account on it > open the QR code option of the app and scan the QR code provided at the back of the camera > after the camera reads the QR code it will guide you through the camera registration process > follow the steps and you are done
  • If you are using a PC or a laptop and then open the MyFoscam site on your web (it does not support the Microsoft edge for windows 10) > register your details and create an account on it > you will be guided to a 3-step process complete it and you are done.

Foscam camera reset

It is extremely easy to restart any Foscam camera. Follow these simple steps-

  • Locate the reset button on the camera (it is at the back of the camera for most models. If you can’t find it on the back then check the side)
  • Press the reset button for a few minutes, till a voice announces the reset is done
  • After the voice message on the camera, release the button and give the camera a few seconds to finish processing and complete the restart process.

Foscam Support Number for Connecting Foscam camera to a wireless router

Follow these steps to connect the camera to a wireless router:

  • Obtain the IP address of the camera using an IP search tool
  • Open a web browser on your camera and enter the IP address of the camera on the address bar and login to the camera
  • To configure wireless network settings, navigate to settings > network > wireless settings
  • Click on scan and wait for the networks to be displayed
  • Select the SSID code of your network
  • Enter the password for your network and click “save”
  • The camera will reboot for about 45 seconds
  • Unplug the cable and wait a few minutes for the setup to be completed

Foscam Support Number for Installing plugins if they are blocked-

If you are unable to install the plugins then you will have to make sure of 3 important things:

  • The pop-up blocker is not preventing the web browser from recognizing the plugin
  • The anti-virus running routinely in the background is not blocking the plugin installation
  • The lack of administrative right is not blocking the web browser from installing the plugin

If you are unable to perform the tasks mentioned above or are facing any issue regarding this process or any other thing that might be the problem with your Foscam security camera, feel free to contact the Foscam tech support (the information is given at the end).

Foscam Support Number +1 530-455-9293

Help us, help you

To make the Foscam camera support process smoother for you, help us understand your problem better:

  • Guide us– With your proper description of the problem, we will be able to assist you better. When you contact us feel free to take your time and explain to Foscam camera support your issue in detail. The more in-depth and to the point your description is the easier it will get for us to help you.
  • Do not hesitate- some problems might seem trivial and you might feel like you should already know about them. But don’t worry however small your problem might be you still must let us know about it. When it comes to technology even small mistakes can lead up to big faults. Tell your operator about your problem and also what you think might have caused it, even if it a mistake on your part. Our objective is to help you fix your problem however big or small it might be.
  • Be patient– our Foscam tech support team is constantly working to better your experience. If it taking them longer to get to you or it is taking more time to fix an issue remain calm and let them help you.
  • Visit the Foscam website- To use our products to their full potential you can visit the Foscam website On this website, we have created a support page where you will be able to find FAQs, support videos, and other resources that will help you solve a problem or it might also help you discover a new feature. On the support page, you will also find the Foscam camera setup guide and some of the troubleshooting methods.
  • Foscam Support helpline number- To reach the Foscam support team you can contact us on Foscam support number +1530 455-9293 with your problem.

Foscam Support Number and Foscam Tech Support Links:

Foscam support e-mail- You can also connect with us on our email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.