Foscam Troubleshooting

Foscam TroubleshootingFoscam Camera Troubleshooting and Support Guide

Foscam cameras are made with superior technology and are highly advanced and professional. Along with good quality cameras, we also provide excellent service. When operating these highly advanced cameras you need to take utmost care of the device otherwise you might run into some minor inconveniences like the camera screen gets frozen, images are distorted, the camera lagging, etc. Foscam cameras can’t work properly or suffer some problems when not used properly. You don’t need to worry about these problems if you take good care of the camera.

Foscam Troubleshooting Guide:

However, we are here to help you out if you do run into some of these most commonly faced problems by our users:

  • Foscam Setup issue
  • Foscam camera is lagging
  • Foscam camera display issue
  • Foscam camera image is distorted
  • Foscam camera not connecting to a new router
  • Foscam camera is not responding or showing an error
  • Foscam camera charging problems
  • Foscam camera does not accept the username or password
  • Video is not saved or getting recorded
  • Trouble operating your Foscam camera in a remote location


When your camera has any of the above-mentioned problems or when your camera acts up you can follow these Foscam Troubleshooting methods:

  • Checking Foscam Power Source and Connection-

    Make sure that your camera has a power source that works correctly. You need to make sure that the power supply is enough for your device to operate. To know that your device is getting enough power to charge and is transmitting data to the network you can check if the LED light on your camera is on if it does not turn on then you can try another port.

  • The PoE of your camera is given at the back, you can refer to the PoE to know how much power or voltage is needed for the device to operate.
  • Also, make sure that your camera is receiving a good network connection. If the network is weak the device can face problems in capturing or saving images as well as in its overall operations.


  • Discover and Ping Camera-

You can ping the IP address of your camera to test the camera connection. To do so you need to know the IP address of your camera for which you can use an IP address finding tool. Then go to your web browser and type in ‘cmd’ this will open the DOS command prompt. On the DOS command type “ping” followed by the IP address of your camera if this checks out you can connect the camera to the web browser. But, if the “destination host unreachable” or “request timed out” appear then you need to check the network connection and try again.


  • Know Your Foscam Username and Password

When you first get your security camera and login to the administration page your default username and password are both ‘admin’ for most models. If not then the username and passwords are usually given either at the back of the camera or in the manual that comes with the camera. After you change your default username or password make sure to note it down somewhere safe in case you forget it you can still have access to it.


  • Foscam Troubleshooting – Upgrading Foscam Firmware

Foscam security camera software is constantly being updated as new features are introduced or any correction/ improvement is done in the software. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the software up to date by downloading the latest updates. This ensures that you have access to newer and improved features as well as if there is any problem that is arising because of the software then it can be fixed by updating it.


  • Foscam Troubleshooting  – Checking The Foscam Cables-

Make sure that all the cables are attached properly to the correct ports. We also suggest you use the cables that come with the camera or are sold by us according to the camera model. This will ensure optimum service. If your cables are not working or are distressed then you need to replace them or get them fixed by a professional, you can call Foscam Customer Service to help you with it. Poor quality cables can majorly affect the performance of your device.


  • Restart The Foscam Camera-

If your Foscam camera is giving you trouble and you can figure out the reason for it, you can try to restart the camera. You can do this by pressing the power button for a few seconds till the power of your device is off and then switch it back on by pressing the power button for a few seconds till it turns back on.


This should be your last resort when you try to fix the camera yourself. The reason being that after you Reset Foscam Camera your device’s memory will be wiped clean and all the changes that you might have made to your device will be removed as the device will return to its default settings. The idea behind performing a factory reset is to make the device go back to its initial settings and get rid of any changes so that if the reason behind the error that you are facing is because of those changes then that could be solved.

Performing a reset will get rid of any virus or malfunctions from your camera. The camera will also be disconnected from the app and you will have to connect it again after the reset.

To perform a reset, look for a pinhole button at the back of the camera and with the help of a paper clip or any similar object press the button for around 40 seconds, till the device announces that the factory reset is complete


Foscam Service Hotline is available for you 24/7. You can contact Foscam Support through the website, emailing, or call on the Foscam Helpline Number. If you are unable to fix the problem on your own or don’t know where to begin and need assistance then you can reach out to us and we will guide you through all the steps that you need to fix your camera. you can reach us on this Foscam Support Number+1-530 455-9293.