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You might not be a technician and therefore find it intimidating to install an IP camera for the first time, but be assured it is not as difficult of a task as it may seem and you do not have to be a professional to do it. “Foscam cameras” are extremely user-friendly it is to be noted that their cameras are targeted for home and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) therefore making it easy and convenient to use by anyone. Just follow the guides given below and you will be able to do it yourself without the help of Foscam technical support:

 Connecting Foscam Camera To A Computer


How To Connect Foscam IP Camera with Computer –

Plugin camera with Ethernet- the first and foremost thing to do is to connect your IP camera with the Ethernet cable to the router. Make sure to connect the same router with a computer to launch the IP search tool that you have used to connect to the camera. To avoid Foscam IP camera configuration from hindrances you must disable pop-up blockers and virtual network drivers installed in your computer, this will ensure that there is no disruption during the Foscam camera setup process.


How To Obtain Foscam IP Camera Address –

  • After you have successfully plugged in your camera to the computer let’s now find “how to access the Foscam IP camera” to obtain the camera’s IP address and login into the camera. This can be done by using an IP search tool to get the IP address of your camera. Now that you have your camera’s IP address you can log in to your camera and to do so you just have to go to your browser and enter the IP address of the camera in the address bar of the browser, press ‘enter’ and your browser will take you to the login page of the camera.
  • Log in to your camera with the camera credentials (these credentials are usually given at the back of the camera).


Foscam IP Camera Configuration –

The IP address is the key

  • Once you log in to the camera navigate your way to the setting tab > Network > wireless settings
  • Click on ‘scan’ and allow your camera to look for a wireless network signal
  • Once the camera catches the network, select the camera SSID from the listed network
  • Your screen will be populated with the basic information for the network
  • Enter the password and click on ‘save
  • Now reboot the camera


Connecting the Foscam Camera To a Wireless Router –

  • Allow the camera to reboot for 45 seconds approximately
  • You may now disconnect the Ethernet cable from the camera
  • Once the cable is unplugged from the wireless networking, it will take a few minutes for the process to complete
  • The router will now appear on the screen with a newly assigned IP address
  • Now the camera is connected to the wireless router and you can access it by turning it network on without the help of a cable or a computer.

Connecting Foscam Camera To a Smartphone

Another alternative method to connect your camera to your router is doing it from your smartphone. Even though it is a less preferable choice for many because the smartphone is needed at all times and there moved around a lot which will make it move away from the range of the router and you might not be able to access the real-time footage. Even so, if you choose to connect your IP camera with your smartphone you can do that by following these steps:

  • Download the Foscam app on your device. You can download the app for free on both android and apple devices.
  • Press the ‘+’ button on the app
  • Go on the scan option in the app and scan the QR code provided at the back of the camera
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password. Make sure to select the ‘Wi-Fi connection’ option
  • The Wi-Fi should be the same one that your phone is connected to
  • Both the camera and your phone must be near the Wi-Fi for strong connectivity
  • The app will make a sound request to point the displayed QR code towards the camera
  • Point the QR code to the camera from a slight distance for the camera and hold it still to be able to read the QR code
  • When the Wi-Fi is connected you will hear the notification on your phone. You cannot remove it from in front of the camera
  • After the setup is successful you can access the camera at any time from your home screen. Make sure that both the camera and the smartphone are in the router’s range.

Your Foscam camera is now connected to the wireless router. You can go ahead and set up the camera wherever you need to, keep one thing in mind that the camera is well within the range of the router for it to function. You can also access the footage from any device by logging in to the camera with your login credentials using the IP address of the camera.

Now that you have your Foscam setup ready to use you can mount your camera to any wall or desk. Below are the Foscam mounting instructions:

  • Before mounting the camera make sure that the power of the camera has been turned on
  • Make sure that the camera setting is on factory mode
  • The camera must be in the range of the router it is connected to
  • Lift the antenna of the camera and decide the placement of the camera. Make sure to check if it is covering all the parameters before permanently mounting it to the surface
  • Insert the SD card in the camera by unscrewing the SD card section, insert the card and screw it back on
  • Now to install the camera to the wall using the screws that come along with the camera (if they are not in the box, you can use your own just make sure there are the right size)
  • Drill the hole where the camera is supposed to go and screw the camera on tightly
  • Your camera installation process is now complete.

If you are still facing any issues after following the instructions you can contact Foscam support then click here. And the customer support service will help you with Foscam troubleshooting.

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