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How To Fix Foscam Error “Please Re-Login After Installing Plugin”?

If the web browsers were installed successfully while using the HD camera but you are still getting the error message displayed on your screen saying “please re-login after the plugin is installed”. There are many reasons as to why this is happening the major reason being the plugin is getting blocked by the browser from being executed when it attempts to access the camera. This can also happen due to other reasons such as pop-up ads being blocked from your settings on your computer.


Depending on the different kinds of software and browsers that you are using will have slightly different ways to reinstall the plugins. Here is a walkthrough of each one of them. You can follow the below-mentioned solutions for Foscam troubleshooting:

  • Chrome (window OS)-
    • In the address bar of this browser type in chrome://components
    • A list will open up and, on that list, you need to locate a pnacl. If the pnacl version number is that is how you know that the version is not updated.
    • Click on “check for update” and then restart your browser after the update has been completed.
    • If the plugin is not being executed that could mean your anti-virus software has blocked plugins. To solve this temporarily disable the program and login into the camera.
  • Firefox version (below 52)
    • In the address bar of Firefox type in “about: addons” and hit enter
    • Find nplIPCRegDLL under plugins. Plugins are given under the menu
    • Change the option settings to “always active”
    • Close the browser and re-launch it
    • Login again
    • If you are using Foscam above 52 use internet explorer instead as Firefox does not support it
    • Internet Explorer (windows)
    • On the internet explorer browser go on tools > internet options > security > customer levels > active X controls and plugins
    • Under the download unsigned active X controls select enable
    • Under the initialize and script active X controls select enable
    • Under the run active, X controls and plugins control select enable
    • Close the browser and re-launch it. Once started login
    • Turn off Active X filtering
  • Safari Max (OS)
    • Navigate to security settings on the safari browser > click on internet plugin options > in front of allow plugins select enable.
    • Close the Safari browser and re-launch it
    • Login again

 Plugins not found:

If the plugins are not found on the device, then the installation will not be possible therefore the error “please re-login after installing the plugin” will not go away. If you use the latest Foscam software VMS, you will not need plugins to view or manage the camera on the computer. You will be able to do so directly. Update your software to Foscam VMS. However, if you chose to log in to the camera with a web browser you may follow the instructions below as per your problem

  • A script running error
    • Open windows task manager
    • Click on services
    • Find the service “FosIPCameraPuginService” on the displayed list
    • If the status says “stopped” select it and right-click to start the service
    • Or select the row and click on “service” at the bottom right
    • After the status changes to “running” reinstall the plugin
    • If the services do not start, try restarting your computer
  • Port occupied by other software
    • If the first solution does not work it could be due to the reason that the plugin port was occupied by some other software. In this case, follow these steps- open DOS > run cmd > input “netstat-ano” to locate the local port
    • Go to the windows task manager click on “process” and look for the software on your computer which is occupying the port that the camera plugin service uses to end the process and reinstall the plugin. It will start to work

How to reinstall the plugins if they are blocked?

Follow these steps mentioned below if you are facing any issue regarding the plugins being blocked:

Problem– Plugin is needed to be installed before viewing a video on the Foscam camera if a popup blocker is preventing the web browser from getting recognized.

Solution – sometimes you might not be able to install a plugin from a particular web browser. This could be because your browser does not have proper authorization. Select the browser with the right settings and permissions that allows plugins to be downloaded to your PC. The most appropriate browser to use in this case would be internet explorer.

For instance, if you want the change the plugin setting in chrome you can follow these steps:

– Open your chrome browser

– On the top right corner of your web page select the three dots option

– Click on settings from the options that pop up

– From the option of “privacy and security” select “site setting”

– Change the settings according to your preference

Problem- plugin is blocked by antivirus software

Solution– if the anti-virus software settings involve blocking up popups you will have to change the settings from your computer to enable the antivirus to allow the plugins to install

Problem- lack of administrative rights prevents web browser plugin installation

Solution- change the setting of administrative rights on your PC to allow the computer set to install the plugins

Preventative measures-

Before you start looking for solutions to your problems make sure that you have done the Foscam IP camera setup process correctly from the start to finish to prevent yourself from going through the extra hassle. Those steps are:

When nothing else seems to work try to reset the Foscam camera. If that does not work too, contact the Foscam camera support on the Foscam helpline number and let the experts guide you through the process or send help.

The Foscam support can be contacted on this Foscam support number+1 530-455-9293

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