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How to get rid of the error ‘please re-login after plugin installed’?

Foscam is known to be one of the best camera brands that provide optimum services for 100% customer satisfaction,  so just in case you are here for foscam troubleshooting. Now let’s talk about this interesting error that comes on popping up on the screens of your smart devices when you choose to enhance the security label with the fabulous foscam outdoor cameras.

Well, securing the lives of your loved ones or your precious properties,  is your responsibility but it is probably your choice,  the choice of securing something or someone which is important in your life. Now the securing process is probably crucial and this is exactly why people opt to shoes such branded security cameras that could provide them with ample amount of services to dignify the security label of the individuals or property. Foscam Wireless cameras are such examples of branded security/surveillance cameras that are the new favourite of the public!!

With every technically advanced product, you will also come across some of the other errors that could frustrate you if you don’t know the resolution for the particular one. Thus either you need to know and match the trending development of technology or you certainly need to follow the guidance of that particular brand and find a perfect resolution. Foscam on the other hand is here sharing you with step-by-step guidance for the foscam error ‘please re-login after plugin installed’.

 What is error ‘please re-login after plugin installed’?

 While finding regular errors of foscam cameras we bumped into several feedbacks and emails that were about this particular error that people are facing while accessing devices with the foscam cameras. This error is precisely seen when the users are trying to connect their system with the camera.

According to the users, the systems Web Browser se is successful installation but after that, they continue to receive an error message which says “please re-login after the plugin is installed”. If you are also facing the same trouble then please do not worry because in this article we are going to spread some light on the accurate resolution regarding the error occurrence. But before that, we need to know why it happens in the first place?

Why does your system show this error message?

 Well, it is always a smart move to know the reason behind any trouble before finding a resolution for it. On the same note, this particular error message happens because of the pop-up blocker which continuously blocks the browser from assessing with the plugged-in device.

So, to get rid of the error ‘please re-login after plugin installed’ with foscam cameras you certainly need to allow the access process between both the devices. Let’s see how can we do that:

Steps to get rid of the error:

 These steps are different with every type of web browser so keep reading for your type:

  • Chromes- If you are using Chrome web browser then you certainly need to open it and type chrome://components. After that, a list will pop up in your screen from which you need to find peace and click on ‘check for update’. The update will start automatically and then you need to restart the browser once it is completed.
  • Firefox- In this you need to open the browser and in the address bar, you will have to type ‘about addons’ before pressing enter. After that, you have to click on the plugins and find npllpcregdll once you find it you have to click on the always active button. Again close and re-launch to log in for the camera.
  • Internet Explorer- If you are using internet explorer then net and click on tools after that you have to check the Internet options for security. Once you click on the security button go for the custom level after which you must click on the ActiveX controls and plugins. Next, you have to enable a few things like download, initialize, script activeX, run activeX. Then you can repeat the close and re-open option before logging in.
  • Safari- it is quite simple If you are using Safari browser then you need to just open at and click on the security settings after that you need to move to the internet plugins option and enable allow plugins after that you can close and relaunch it before logging in to the camera.

 So these are the appropriate steps that you must follow if you are looking for the resolution of this particular error. If you need any more information regarding any foscam troubleshooting.

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