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How To Reset Foscam Camera


Are you having issues to “Reset Foscam Camera”? Is your camera lagging or perhaps it has stopped working as smoothly as it used to?

There are many reasons this could happen to your camera. Have you tried everything in your power to work your way around through the problem and still nothing seems to be helping? Well, we have got a solution for you i.e., resetting your camera. When facing camera issues like glitches, camera not responding, camera turning off by itself over and over again, etc. the most common and easy solution to all these problems is to just reset your camera.

As simple as it may sound, we just want to let you know that this solution is not without its cons. If you Reset Foscam Camera you risk losing all the previous storage and settings from the device. Therefore, you must ensure that resetting is your absolute last resort for “Foscam Troubleshooting”.  But in severe cases such as when your camera gets corrupt, we do advise resetting the camera immediately as there’s not much you can do to save it other than performing a Foscam IP Camera Reset.

 When to perform a reset?

According to our suggestion, it is best to perform a Foscam Reset is when you find yourself in the following situations:

  • When you have forgotten the password
  • When your camera has stopped working
  • When your camera is not connecting to your device
  • When your camera footage is frozen
  • When your camera is lagging or has glitches
  • When your camera has been infected with malware
  • When your camera is not connecting to a new router


How To Reset Foscam Camera?

It is not that difficult to perform reset however there are different ways to do it on different models. We have listed the most common ways with which you can Reset Foscam Camera. Read ahead and follow the instructions best suited for your camera model:

To perform the reset on your camera you must first locate the reset button. Every model has a reset button but they might not be located at the same place on all cameras. Locate the reset button as per the model of your camera.

 Locate reset button:

  • If you are performing the reset on an indoor PT camera you will find the button inside a hole at the bottom or on the side of the camera. Use a pin or similar object to press the button.
  • On the outdoor cube camera, you can locate the reset button at the back of the camera body.
  • On an indoor dome camera, the button can be found on the cable connected to the camera.
  • On Outdoor Bullet style cameras, the button is at the tail cable of the camera
  • On the outdoor PT camera, the button is located at the tail cable of the camera.
  • In the fosbaby series of the camera, the Reset Foscam button can be found on the body of the camera.

Performing Foscam Camera Reset:

Once you have located the position of your camera the remaining steps are the same for all the models. Follow along:

  • Hold the reset button and release it after 30 seconds
  • In some models, it only takes up to 15 seconds
  • Upon pressing the button, the camera will perform the reboot
  • Once the reset is complete a voice will announce “reset successfully”
  • Your camera reset is now complete and once you open it, it will be restored to factory settings
  • You can now start setting up the camera and complete the installation process

 What to do in case of Foscam Reset Button not Working?

It is extremely easy to reset a Foscam device, all you need to do is press the button for a few seconds and then your camera will automatically reboot and finish the process for you. But in case your camera’s reset button is not working what are the other options you might be wondering about. We have a solution for that too. All you need to do is power cycle the camera.

Power cycle refers to completely turning off the camera by disconnecting it from the source of the power supply and then reconnecting it. Power cycling reinitializes the configuration parameters of the camera and wakes it from its unresponsive state. It is a hard reset that is performed on electronic devices to restore them or to perform a reboot on your device. Power cycling is among the first steps to be taken for troubleshooting. To perform the power cycle troubleshooting follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the camera from the wall or desk wherever it is installed to begin the power cycling process.
  • Your camera has a cable that connects it to the power source. Locate that cable on your camera and detach it from either end.
  • Removing the camera from either the camera side or from the switch is fine. You just need to ensure that your device is completely separated from its source of power.
  • Let some time pass by, say at least 5-10 minutes till your camera is discharged. Draining out the battery of the camera is crucial to the process.
  • After a significant amount of time has passed by connecting the cable that connects the camera to the power source back on and opens the switch to let the power supply flow through the camera
  • After the supply is back on, the camera will reinitialize by itself, and then the process is complete after the re-initialization.
  • Once the reset is done through the power cycling process the camera will reboot and the factory settings will be restored.
  • You may now complete the setup process from the beginning.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you in performing the reset to your Foscam Camera. If you continue to face some error or these steps did not help you in resolving the issue you can send an e-mail to the Foscam Support Services on, it might take up to 2 business days for them to get back to you.

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