Refund Policy

Our refund policy:

Foscam Support customers should read this Return and Refund policy carefully.

Foscam Camera setup service is the best Foscam support Foscam customers can get help through a toll-free number and Foscam-support website  If Foscam customers are not satisfied with Foscam support services, then our team will refund your money, but full refunds are applicable only within the first 5 days. Our Technical expert team only charge for the technician fee and if the issue remains unresolved due to technical issues, Foscam customer will have to bear the charge. If the technician doesn’t show up for the Foscam setup, a full refund will be issued within 5-7 working days. In specific situations, we may go ahead and consider refund requests otherwise for better Foscam customer experience, but only the decision from our Foscam support desk will prevail under these circumstances.