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Things You Must Know Before Downloading The Foscam App

The Foscam app acts as a medium between the camera and the user. You can control the features of your camera through the app. It is a useful tool that helps you keep an eye on the camera.

Here are a few things you need to know about the app before you download it and get started with using it:

What is the use of the Foscam app?

This app has many purposes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The app gives you control over the Foscam camera.
  • You can use the app to monitor the activity of the camera from anywhere.
  • The app helps you watch the camera’s live footage, listen and talk through your camera.
  • You can record the live videos on your app.
  • There are multiple storage options on the app for you to store your data.
  • You can get alerts on your smartphone with the help of the app.

Downloading the Foscam app:

You can download the Foscam app for free on your smartphone. Foscam app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. Follow these steps to install the Foscam app:

  • Type and search “Foscam app” on Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Select the Foscam app with a blue and white logo.
  • Select download and let the Foscam app install completely.
  • An alternative method is to scan the QR code above the Foscam app download.

Foscam app Features:

There are plenty of features on the Foscam camera and you can access them through the Foscam app. You will find the following features on the Foscam app:

  • Management- you can scan the footage easily on your Foscam app.

– You can make changes to the settings of the camera.

– The app allows you to turn on different features such as night vision to record clearer images.

  • Live view- you can access the live footage from your camera on the 66app.

– You can easily monitor your pets, children, home, or business in real-time.

  • Push alerts- alerts will be sent on the app if a movement is caught on the camera.
  • Recordings- You can access the footage from your Foscam camera anywhere at any time.

– You can save the recordings to view them later.

How to download and use Foscam app on PC?


Downloading Foscam App
To download this app on your PC you can follow the instructions mentioned below:

– First, go to on any browser,

– Download any android emulator on your PC to install the app.

– An emulator is a tool that allows you to download any app from App Store or Play Store.

– This will allow you to download the app on your PC like you would on your smartphone.

– Once the installation process is complete, type ‘Foscam app’ on the search bar of the emulator you have downloaded.

– Select and install the Foscam app on your PC.

– Wait for a few minutes for the app to be installed.

– Once the app is downloaded, register your account and add your camera to the app.

How to add doorbell to Foscam app?

Many people are not aware of it, but you can also connect your doorbell to the Foscam app. To add the doorbell option on the app you can follow these steps:

Connect the doorbell

  • Take out the doorbell and a type C adapter cable from the box.
  • You can see the type C interface at the back of the doorbell.
  • One end of the adapter cable is a type C interface and the other end is the Ethernet port.

Download the app

  • Download and install the Foscam app and set up an account.
  • Open the app on your phone and click on the ‘+’ sign.
  • Select the video doorbell option and add your doorbell by scanning the QR code.
  • The QR code is given at the back of the doorbell.
  • Find a 5V power adapter and connect it with the type C cable and the doorbell.

 Wi-Fi Configuration:

  • After 1 minute of powering on the device, you will hear the computer sound.
  • The computer voice will say “hello Foscam” and “ready for Wi-Fi configuration
  • Enter the Wi-Fi information of your phone’s network.
  • Face the QR on the phone towards the camera and scan it with a 15 cm distance.
  • Follow the instructions on the app to complete the process.
  • Once the process is completed a voice will notify you “wireless connecting succeeded”.
  • You can now install the doorbell and start using it with the help of the Foscam app.

Foscam Camera Setup on App:

To add the Foscam camera on the app follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Register an account on the Foscam app
  • Login to the Foscam account to add the camera
  • There are 3 ways to add the Foscam camera on the app:
  1. Scanning the QR code

– Open the foscam app and click on ‘+’ sign

– Select the device you want to add to your Foscam app

– Click on “next” when instructions appear

– Scan the QR located at the back of the IP camera

– Enter the username and password of the Wi-Fi connection to your phone

– Select the location you want to set up the camera and click save.

  1. Adding from a local network

– Follow the same steps to open the QR scanner as mentioned above.

– When the scanner opens select an alternate setup option

– On other setup methods select ‘find my camera’

– Select your device and connect it to the app.

  1. Manual adding

– On the alternate setup option select “UID/DDNS/IP”

– Enter the details asked and select ‘add’.

– Enter your Wi-Fi login credentials and you are all set.

Foscam Camera Support Helpline

For Foscam camera support and Foscam troubleshooting, you can contact us on our Foscam support number. We will assist and guide you with any Foscam related problem. Call us on this Foscam tech support number+1-530 455-9293.

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