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Tips for Getting Started with Your Foscam Security Camera

Professional Tips for Foscam Security Camera Setup:

When you first start using a Foscam security camera you need to make sure that you know how to operate correctly. There are a lot of steps and instructions that could be ambiguous. To avoid any kind of mistake and mishandling of the device you need to get a good understanding of how to get started with a security camera. If you are looking for a place to begin, below are few tips that you can follow:

  • Install Your Foscam Security camera 8-10 feet from the ground:

– This is an ideal height to install the Foscam security camera.

– At this height the camera will be able to capture fine details.

– At the same time the height is enough to be out of reach of thieves and vandals.Foscam IP Camera Setup and Support


  • Avoid facing your Foscam Security Cameras towards the sun:

– Bright light from the sun can create a glare on the camera.

– This makes it hard to capture anything and makes the subject unidentifiable.

– To avoid such blunders, keep in mind the sun’s positioning when setting up the camera.


  • Decide whether you want your Foscam Security Camera to be visible or hidden:

– You can add heavy-duty hardware or casing to protect the camera.

– Visible cameras often become victims of theft and vandalism.

– To prevent this from happening you can either protect is as suggested above.

– Either that or place it in a spot where it won’t be easily visible.

– Some people also use a decoy and back it up with real security cameras that are slightly more concealed.


  • Protect your Foscam security camera from the elements:

– Keep in mind the weather condition where you live.

– Decide the placement of the CCTV camera accordingly.

– Also keep this in mind when selecting the model for your Foscam Security cameras.

– Choose the security camera that best suits your weather conditions.


  • Windows causes reflection issues:

– If you place your cameras inside, looking outside the result would be unsatisfactory.

– Windows can cause reflection on the camera washing off anything that is recorded

– Many Foscam models have infrared light technology which might reflect and cause the footage to be obscure.

– If it is necessary to point the camera outside the window, keep it as close to the glass as possible.


  • Prefer the corner:

– The camera gets a great vision from the corner.

– It covers a wide-angle and checks all the boxes for idle camera placements.

– Mostly you can place it on the entrance or the backyard since they have corners (in most houses).

– This can cover your entire front and back lane.


  • Angle for indirect light:

– Similar to outdoor cameras facing the sun, indoor cameras should not face any source of light directly.

– Although the area with direct light such as lamps, light fixtures, etc. should be avoided.

– It is also necessary to keep the area well-lit so that the footage is not dark.

– The placement of light plays a huge role both indoors and outdoors.


  • Test your Foscam Security Camera before committing to the complete install:

– Give the security camera a trial run and make sure that it works.

– Turn the camera on and check out its functionality.

– You can temporarily place the camera on the wall with mounting tape to test it out.


  • Don’t use hardware tools that could damage the camera components:

– Fix the camera using the standard procedure.

– The guide to mounting the camera is in the manual that comes with the camera.

– Follow the steps carefully and avoid tools and procedures that could harm the camera.


  • Keep in mind the maintenance process:

– You will need to maintain the camera from time to time.

– This includes cleaning, servicing, etc.

– Outdoor cameras especially need cleaning as pollen and dirt get accumulated over time.

– When you mount the camera make sure that you can easily take it out without damage.

– This will help make the maintenance process much easier.

– Perhaps you might need to take it out for Foscam troubleshooting.


  • Places you should not setup your CCTV camera in:

Now that you know how and where the cameras should be placed. Check out the places you should avoid setting up the security camera-

– Avoid placing the indoor cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms.

– Your concerns to keep an eye on children and the elderly are valid.

– However, you run the risk of violating people’s privacy, which might also live in that space.

– There are other measures you can take for that such as switching to a baby monitor, motion detector, and glass break sensors, etc.

– As for the outdoor cameras, be mindful of your neighbor’s privacy.

– You can also get in legal trouble for this. So be careful to check the laws regarding security cameras in your state.


  • Complete the Foscam Security Camera Setup Process:

– Make sure to install the Foscam app and sign up.

– Complete all formalities such as connecting to a Wi-Fi network and adding the camera to the app.

– Doing this before installing the camera will make the process easier for you.

– You will also be able to test out the features before installation.

–       Foscam camera support can also help you with this.


  • Get help from the Professional Foscam Camera Support Team:

– If all the rules and do’s & don’t are making your head spin, don’t do it yourself.

– Get our experts to do it. You can hire professionals to install the camera if you don’t want to do it yourself.

– They are well versed with the entire how-to of the camera.

– They will get the job done easily without causing an inconvenience to you.

– You can call our Foscam tech support number for help.


If you do decide to get help with setting up your security camera, make sure to contact the ‘Foscam camera support helpline’.

You can do so with the help of the following details:

Call us on our Foscam support number+1-530 455-9293

Or send us an email regarding any problem you might have with your Foscam security camera on

Chat with us on our website to receive an installation/ Foscam camera setup guide on

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